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III Taller Internacional de Software Libre (part 2)

If you haven’t read the part 1, I think you should.

In the afternoon the opening was a panel with people of Infomed, INFOSOC, UCI, Joven Clubs, MINED and MES, talking about the steps Cuba has given toward Software Libre inclusion. (I didn’t forget the link for UCI, it actually don’t have one)

Some steps I can remember:

  • Creation of a national group which will manage the migration.
  • Creation of the Software Libre Cuban web site. It will live in (archived) It isn’t available yet.
  • Presentation of a LiveCD of Nova Linux, a distro cooked on UCI, based on Gentoo.
  • Presentation of CubaForge, a Cuban Forge based in GForge.

At last, Astorazegui, the technical director of the Aduana General de La República, cause the Aduana belongs to a International Organization, they should migrate as soon as they can. It seems that use of Software Libre is a rule of the International Organization. He commented out the experiences of the migration.

A potential Achilles’ heel could be the fact that INFOSOC are already talking of migration and I haven’t heard of official claims of a sustainable plan for teaching people in the culture of Software Libre and GNU/Linux. Yes, we need a lot to learn, it have been several years under the umbrella of Microsoft products.

The more people trained the country have the better we can afford the migration, of course. So, I think it’s necessary to have, as of today, a plan running for massive teaching. Would be wise to write a letter to INFOSOC suggesting the creation of “Plan de Maestros Emergentes de la Cultura de Software Libre y de GNU/Linux”.

See Strategy for use of Free (Libre) Software in Cuba (in spanish).

PD: While writing this blog I received a message (look for ‘(Ali)’) posted by Ali to linux-l which claims that a meeting was held by INFOSOC with coordinators of some local LUG It’s wonderful to know that INFOSOC are taking in account the community.

PD: In linUHx.