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es_CU locale landing in GNU libc

Just reading GNU libc 2.15 release announcement and found this nice surprise:

New locales: bho_IN, unm_US, es_CU, ta_LK

a quick search got me to the merge request. The locale was merged last december 22nd (commit) and it seems it is being maintained by the Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas.

Google didn’t give out any result searching for es_CU glibc other than the few merge request messages (thread) and the bug report itself.

Besides, I wasn’t able to find an annoucement in gutl-l archive (the mailing list of the national FLOSS community), I did a search in the archive from past october up to now. It would be just nice to have an announcement posted to gutl-l in first place about such an achievement.

I hold no hope to see a project’s page and source code repository published. Nova, the UCI flagship product, have had a very hard time getting enough resources and permissions to publish their repositories.

In any case, I’m very happy about the merge.

PD: It calls my attention that contact phones are prefixes by +45 (Denmark) instead of +53 (Cuba), a typo?