On Debian voting on next default init system

Debian LogoLast october a bug was filled against the Debian's Technical Committee requesting a vote on the next default init system.

Vote is expected at the end of this month. Based on vote intentions there is a draw at the moment (ctte membership is here): systemd, 4; upstart, 4; openrc, 0

Can't find vorlon's conclusion mail. Not sure if he hasn't posted yet or if I missed the mail (the thread is +1000 messages). Anyway his vote is obvious given that he is the upstart package maintainer and upstart position maintainer in the init debate.

Other stuff on the matter:

Update: As per Debian Constitution § 6.3.2, the chairman has an extra tie-breaker vote. That looks to me like a 5-4 in favor of systemd.

Update: LWN has published an article (subscriber link) with more details about the potentials outcomes. Constitution § 6.1.4 might apply as well and that requires a majority vote of 3:1. Also a General Resolution seems likely.

Update: A ballot was posted on January, 25. Actual votes:  Bdale Garbee, Russ Allbery, Keith Packard, Ian Jackson, Don Armstrong, Steve Langasek, Andreas Barth.

Update: An ammended ballot has been drafted to include the possibility of the project deciding the default init(1) by means of a GR.

Update: Conclusion messages 1 and 2. Result: Further Discussion.

Update: Resolution ballot draft published.

Update: Call for votes with final ballot announced. Did I said final? Nah.

Update: Analysis of casted votes and an amendment to it. systemd has high chances of winning. But, for second time, Further Discussion was the end result.

Update: Bdale Garbee, the chair, suddenly called for vote. Basicly the same ballot he posted weeks ago. Votes from Bdale himself, Russ Allbery, Steve Langasek, Don Armstrong, Keith Packard, Colin Watson, Ian Jackson and Andreas Barth. systemd wins by chair casting vote (analysis).

The process went very emotional though. This mail from Russ Alberry worth a read.

Update: Official resolution message on debian-devel-announce.

The process took 3 1/2 months from bug to resolution. There are 2738 messages in #727708 as of February 12.

Ubuntu's BDFL shows real love in San Valentin day: Losing graciously.

2 thoughts on “On Debian voting on next default init system

  1. Zoidberg

    Nice summery, very interesting, thank!The slow and long "technical" decision is sad. Like blackout23 and Scimmia said in a forum:
    > How many Debian tech CTTE members does it take to change a lightbulb?
    That depends, is it a LED light bulb or a CFL light bulb? Half the committee wants LED, the other half wants CFL. Then when it looks like LED is going to win, the CFL fans want to force the entire building to be wired for multiple sockets so the person turning on the light can choose, never mind that some rooms can't even be wired for both. Failing that, they'll run to mommy and try to get her to take their side. Of course, the fact that 3/4 of the CFL proponents have ties to a CFL manufacturer is irrelevant, right?

    Then there are people yelling for high efficiency incandescent bulbs and the crotchety old guys complaining that the new fangle bulbs are too complicated and they shouldn't have to use them.

  2. Luis Garnica

    Vaya y yo siempre contento con el hecho de que Debian conservaba el antiguo sistema de siempre...


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